Check out some of these sites! The forums are great places to get questions answered, get multiple opinions on a topic such as pricing, etc. Check a few of them out!

No website, but email or call for 19th century style catgut snare material: Garman Bowers, Jr. 301-491-8819 The site for Luca Luciano's books on Italian drum history Biography of Chicago percussionist & humorist Harry Brabec

A new Chicago Drum Event:


The site for Steve Maxwell's great Chicago drum shops.

Dr. Carl Wenk's great Slingerland articles; serial number study and shell information.

John Orlich is an artisan working in the medium of glass. Most of his work has been stained glass, but he is a drummer from Detroit's rock and roll heyday, and he builds glass drums on a very limited production basis. In the opinion of Rob Cook, this guy ranks right up there with Roberto Spizzochino; the drums are magnificent in concept, appearance, and sound, destined to become among the most collectable drums out there.

The personal site of noted Dutch drummer and vintage drum expert Winnie Mensink; photos, interviews, informative articles, and even some chops.

The site of George Lawrene's Not-So-Modern-Drummer magazine!

Robert Bowler's vintage shop.

The site for DRUM! magazine; the most happening percussion publication around when it come to current products, people, and events.

Ludwig Drum Company site.

Clay Green's very ambitious Ludwig site; lots of info and photos of Ludwig drums, catalogs, etc.

site for Mike Balter Mallet company

An unofficial Rogers Drums site.

A group of German Rogers fans have put this site together.

Repro parts for Rogers and other brands.

Drum heads; some especially for vintage drums.

Vintage drums etc: Don Bennett does a lot of trading in gear previously owned by celebrities. Check this site for details on the first ever online drum clinic by Kenny Aronoff