Church Sound Systems

Cook's has designed, installed, and/or revamped sound systems in hundreds of Michigan churches from Detroit to Petoskey. Click on some of the references listed below for examples of our work. Whether you need an all-new system or just components to bring your old system up to speed, we can help you out. We specialize in small to medium-sized churches; a typical system includes: Microphones: Wireless lavalier or handheld mikes, choir mikes, or special-application mikes such as PZM's. Electronics: Mixers, feedback-controllers, power amplifiers Speakers: For the sanctuary, auditorium, fellowship hall, foyer, nursery Other components: Assistive listening systems for the hearing-impaired, tape and CD players and recorders, motorized projection screens, etc.

East Superior Christian Church

Sunfield United Brethren Church

Trinity Baptist Church, Alma MI

Grace Bible Church, Lansing MI

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