Baby Dodds Story, The; As Told To Larry Gara Catalog #KS 5.5x8.5 $13.00 The autobiography of the famous New Orleans drummer that has inspired drummers from Gene Krupa to Steve Smith. This book was out of print until Rebeats republished it in 2003.

Beatles Gear: All the Fab Four's Instruments, From Stage to Studio by Andy Babiuk Catalog #KB 9 3/4x 12 1/2, 256 pages, 600 photos. $40.00 hardcover. From 1956 to 1970, all the Beatle gear discussed in detail!

Best Seat In The House: Drumming In The '70s with Marriott, Frampton, & Humble Pie by Jerry Shirley $25.00 6x9 paperback, 320 pages. Jerry Shirley's recently published Memoir, edited by Tim and Jon Cohan. Here is a hard rock memoir – essentially an authorized bio on the endearing British rock band Humble Pie – as told from the drum throne and backstage hallways during the emerging days of the Seventies classic rock era. In 1969, Jerry Shirley was chosen to drum in a new band led by Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton. He had just turned 17. Along with bassist Greg Ridley, and manager Dee Anthony, the Pie started a 6-year journey that stormed the US and defined Arena Rock – bigger sound, bigger contracts, and bigger parties.
Along the way Jerry meets with future legends that make for a star-studded bio and rare glimpse into the rock music industry. Written in his own voice and with a wicked musician sense of humor, Jerry details the vibrant scene that created the explosive sound of heavy rock. He explains how sessions were conducted by iconic engineers like Glyn Johns and Eddie Kramer, describes his session work with Syd Barrett and George Harrison and tells amusing tales like drum shopping with the Who's Keith Moon. What was it like to perform a sold-out show at Shea Stadium, play for 250,000 in Hyde Park, charter a private jet for tour, record the trend-setting live record at the Fillmore East (that spawned the FM radio staple “I Don't Need No Doctor”), get hyped for the stage by Dee Anthony, and deal with the drugs and excesses of this inhibitive era of rock? This book definitely answers those question as well as “What was it like to meet, play, record, tour, party, and fight with cult hero Steve Marriott?” No other book can cover it like this.




The Rebeats Calfskin Head Book/DVD $10.00
8.5x11 paperback, 24 pages Lots of historical information related to calfskin heads used on American drums in the 20th Century. Includes excerpts from instructional leaflets and catalogs from Rogers, Leedy, Ludwig, and Amrawco. The DVD included with this book features head-tucking demonstrations by Rob Cook of Rebeats and the late Scotty Doucette of Jack's Drum Shop in Boston. Also features a how-to clip showing how to clamp and glue flesh hoops for custom-sized calfskin heads.


(The) Commandments of Early Rhyhm & Blues Drumming, by Zoro and Daniel Glass. 9x12, 152 pages with CD. $24.95. A guided tour through the musical era that birthed Rock, Sould, Funk, and Hip Hop; lots of photos and transcriptions, explanations on the lineage of today's grooves. Includes a comprehensive guide to shuffle playing.









CREAM! The Legendary Supergroup from Cream's formation in 1966 to their breakup in 1968, the book analyzes the group's working methods and offers detailed descriptions of all their recordings. A special section explores the musical interactions of Clapton, Bruce and Baker, plus key songwriters Bruce and Pete Brown. With rare full-color photos throughout, it also includes a complete discography, studio sessionography, and diary of live shows. Paperback $20.00


Cymbal Book, The by Hugo Pinksterboer 9x12 paperback,212 pages Catalog #DW $25.00
THE definitive book on cymbals. Histories of all the cymbal companies as well as cymbal acoustics, selection and testing, setups, cleaning, repair, etc.


(The) Drum Book by Geoff Nichols. Updated second edition 2008. 8.5x11, 144 pages. $24.95 A must for any drummer's library; this book is jammed with useful historical information related to the evolution of today's drum set. Includes capsule histories of dozens of drum companies.

Drum Colors by Rob Cook 8.5x11 paperback 36 pages $15.00

Subtitled The Rebeats Color Swatch Book, this book shows the colors used by the American drum companies from 1925 to 1995.

This book was first published in 1996 in very limited quantities, done with old-school technologies; film, screens, separations, offset, etc. It had been out of print for nearly ten years when the printer recently returned the analog files. Technology has progressed to the point where a limited edition reprint has become feasable. The sections on Rogers, Ludwig, and Slingerland benefitted from Rob Cook's books on those companies that were published in the interim.





Franks For The Memories by Maurie Lishon, with Rob Cook Catalog #EK
A history of the Legendary Franks Drum Shop of Chicago and the story of Maurie and Jan Lishon. Chapters on the Dixie Music House, Roy Knapp, Krupa, and more!! 8.5"x11" paperback, 177 pages

This book was a limited print run and we are near the end of our supply. The last few copies are available for purchase on Ebay.


Gene Krupa, His Life & Times By Bruce Crowther Catalog #CE $13.00


George Way's Little Black Book Catalog #CW $10.00
Compiled by Rob Cook. 8.5"x11" paperback, 60 pages. A brief biography of George Way, followed by a reproduction of his vendor directory; personal notes from George to himself about where he got brass, felt, etc. Specifications are on many pages, and a few manufacturing notes such as not Leedy lacquered shells, etc.



Billy Gladstone by Chet Falzerano $20.00 8.5x11, 77 pages. A biography of Billy Gladstone with special emphasis on his inventions and accomplishments. The author has been gathering info on Gladstone's life and drums since the early 1980s; this is the best way to answer all your questions about Gladstone drums!
The Great Jazz Drummers by Ron Spagnardi The Great Jazz Drummers is an excellent reference for any drummer or jazz enthusiast. It features biographies and photos of 62 influential drummers, as well as a CD featuring 16 artists to demonstrate the gradual progression of jazz drumming through seven decades. $20.00
Dating of Gretsch Drums Based Upon Serial Numbers: Challenging the Legend, Lore and Lies by Rick Gier. 8.5x11, 42 pages. $10.00  Richard E. Gier spent five years on the research for this 42-page book.  This printing represents the 3rd edition, with over 6,000 drums now having been analyzed. The conclusions presented here are well documented and presented. The author's focus was round-badge drums, though "Stop Sign Badges" and "Square Badge" drums have been included in the log in order to show certain patterns and to support the analysis of the Round Badge era drums. This scholarly presentation is endorsed by Rob Cook and John Sheridan; collaborators on The Gretsch Drum Book. Among Gier's well-documented conclusions: -Gretsch serial numbers through the era studied consist of three sequences. (The guide explains how to determine which sequence your drum is from.) -It is possible to quite accurately project how many total serial numbered round-badge drums were produced by Gretsch. (Gier does so.) -Relevant to dating these drums, in addition to the serial number, are: Serial number label style, model number, color of ink used on label, lug casing screw type, wrap/finish, throwoff/strainer type. Rob Cook considers this book the "Rosetta Stone" for dating Gretsch drums made between 1962 and 1984.



Gretsch Drum Book by Rob Cook with John Sheridan $40.00
8.5x11 paperback 288 pages, over 1100 pictures. Complete business history and Gretsch drum dating guide in the pattern of Rob Cook's books on Ludwig, Slingerland and Rogers. Dating guide includes catalogs, badges, colors, hardware, snare drums, and kits. Please note that this "Buy Now" tab is for USA customers only. For shipments outside of the USA, please contact Rob Cook for a quote.

Gretsch 1941 Catalog reprint catalog #HJ $10.00

Gretsch Drums! The Legacy Of That Great Gretsch Sound by Chet Falzerano Cat. #GJ $35.00 also available in hardcover #GQ $45.00 9x12, 144 pages.
The history of Gretsch, with lots & lots of photos. 8 pages of color. Lots of endorsee information.
Guide To Vintage Drums by John Aldridge Catalog #FY $25.00 9x12 paperback
Includes some of the most informative articles from the author's periodical NSMD (Not So Modern Drummer) as well as a few related articles.


  Hal Blaine And The Wrecking Crew by Hal Blaine with Mr. Bonzai. 6x9, 128 pages. 3rd edition, released in January, 2010. Includes updates from Hal.on his activities since the release of the secondl edition of this book $20.00


History Of The Leedy Drum Company by Rob Cook Catalog #EL $30.00 Out of Print, limited supply
9x12 paperback, 177 pages Lots of photos, charts, catalog pages, etc. in this complete business history of Leedy from the founding in 1900 through the years as the World's largest drum company and ultimate demise at the hands of the Conn company.

Gene Krupa- The Pictorial Life of A Jazz Legend by Dr. Bruce Klauber $27.00, 9x12, 176 page paperback. Includes CD with 8 tracks representative of Krupa's remarkable career. Excellent gift or coffee-table book; primarily photos spanning Krupa's career.


Italian Vintage Drums and Cymbals by Luca Luciano
Rebeats is not stocking this title, but wanted to call it to the attention of our customers. This remarkable book can be ordered directly from Italy, just go to
They are published with parallel Italian and English text.



Ralph Kester's Scrapbook compiled by David Huelsing 8.5x11 paperback, 32 pages. $15.00 Ralph Kester was a pioneering inventor of drums and accessories, best known for the Flat/Jacks drums. This is a fascinating compilation of photos, letters, and business records that documents his life and business history.


Leedy Company History; see "History of the Leedy Drum Company"

Mr Leedy & The House of Wonder by Harry Cangany $25.00 8.5x11 paperback 86 pages Covers much of the same ground as "History of Leedy," but has some previously unpublished factory photos as well as family photos and anecdotes.

Lucky Drummer (From NYC Jazz to Johnny Carson) by Ed Shaughnessy with Robyn Flans $15.00 6x9 paperpack, 132 pages. The Memoir of the iconic Tonight Show big band drummer from his boyhood days to today. Includes discography, equipment diagrams, photo section.


Ludwig Book, The by Rob Cook catalog #KR paperback $40.00, 8.5x11, 306 pages, 64 pages of color. Complete business history and dating guide for all catalogued snare drums, outfits, and production clues such as badges, colors, etc. Includes Ludwig & Ludwig, WFL, Leedy & Ludwig, Ludwig Industries, and today's Ludwig. Includes CDROM with today's Ludwig catalog, 1:1 scans of 1980s endorser posters, and rare audio recordings of WFL Jr. and WFL Sr.


Serial Number Based Dating Guides for Vintage Ludwig Drums   Main Line Drums 1963-1984 and Standard Drums 1968-1973  by Rick Gier.    This latest Rebeats publication is the result of Rick Gier's analysis of over 6,300 vintage Ludwig drums. Gier also considered Ludwig Serial Number analysis previously done by Rob Cook, Paolo Sburlati, Clay Taylor Greene, and Mike Machat. The 38 pages include numerous full-color graphs, charts, and photos. Like his acclaimed Gretsch Serial Number Dating Guide, Gier's book considers other production clues such as number of plies, muffler variation, throw-offs.and wrap features. $10.00


Ludwig Drummer, The: paperback $30.00 8.5x11, 472 pages. Includes reprints of The Ludwig Drummer from April 1926 to Spring, 1948. This was Ludwig's promotional newsletter-magazine, full of product information, educational articles related to all areas of percussion, playing tips, humor, and endorser news and photos.

Ludwig: Yesterday and Today by Paolo Sburlati

This book is out of print and no longer available from the publisher. The last few copies we have are being sold on Ebay.

The Making of A Drum Company: The Autobiography of William F. Ludwig II 8 1/2 x 11, 128 pages, 160 photos Catalog #KC $20.00. His whole story in his own words, from childhood recollections through teen years as a rudimental drum champion, wartime service, and the glory years of Ludwig.






Roots Of Rock Drumming- Interviews with the Drummers Who Shaped Rock N Roll Music edited by Daniel Glass, Additional editing by Steve Smith. 8x10 paperback, 256 pages with DVD. $30.00. The strength of interviews often depends on the knowledge and skill of the interviewer. Daniel Glass and Steve Smith prove this point as they interview the giants of early Rock. Pioneers: Bobby Morris, Dick Richards, Earl Palmer, D.J. Fontana, J.M. Van Eaton, Buddy Harmon, The Innovators: Jerry "J.L." Allison, Hal Blaine, British Rock, Brian Bennett, Clem Cattini, Bobby Graham, The Stylists: Idris Muhammad, Smokey Johnson/John Boudreax, Sam Lay, Bernard Purdie, Roger Hawkins, The Commentators: Jaimoe, Carmine Appice, Steve Gadd, Jim Keltner. This book is logicially organized and laid out; a great book for drummers, about drummers, by drummers.

Raggin' Jazzin' Rockin' by Susan VanHecke, 10.5x11, hardcover, 136 pages, $18.00. This is a beautifully composed history of some of the most iconic American musical instrument manufacturers. VanHecke specializes in books for young readers and this is published by a scholastic publishing company, so some adult readers may find it just a bit "fluffy," but the photos are great and the content is solid. Chapters include: Zildjian, Steinway, C.G. Conn, Martin, Ludwig, Hammond, Fender, and Moog.

Rogers Book, The (Second Edition) Catalog #IJ paperback $30.00. By Rob Cook. When the first edition went out of print in early 2004, Rob Cook immediately set about preparing a revised edition. This is a complete business history and dating guide. 8.5x11, 221 pages, 32 pages of full color. Typos have been fixed, all graphics have been rescanned and improved, and 16 pages of color have been added. Several high-profile collectors are included in this new color section, including Bobby Chiasson, Steve Maxwell, Bruce Felter and Gary Nelson. Also new is the interview with Bill Crowden (current head of Rogers) and a brief history of Brook Mays Music, the current owners of Rogers. Today's Rogers gear is also included. All these improvements, and the price has gone down!

Slingerland Book, The by Rob Cook Catalog #GW paperback $30.00
8 1.2"x11", 300 pages, 30 pages in full color. Revised Edition Slingerland Book... All new Krupa section All new Jake Jerger section New color pages featuring the Slingerland drums of Mike Curotto, new family information and updated family tree.
Star Sets by Jon Cohan Catalog #FZ $23.00
paperback, 9x12, 151 pages. Drum sets of the starts; photos diagrams, and comments on dozens of celerity kits from Buddy and Gene to Ringo and Bonham.


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