Snare drums $50.00 Appraisal fee
Outfits $150.00 Appraisal fee

Rob Cook’s drum appraisals have been used to verify and document some of the most significant museum donations of the last decade. A Rebeats appraisal includes documentation and value information. We will identify the equipment in question by maker, age, and model. Catalog cuts, if available, are included. (Rebeats has one of the largest percussion archives in existence.) Value information will include the retail value (amount the instrument may sell for on an internet auction or in a retail store) as well as wholesale (amount that a reseller may pay for the instrument, with the intention of reselling it at a profit.) In order to provide this information, we need detailed information on the equipment. The most accurate appraisal is facilitated by direct examiniation of the drum(s) which can be brought or shipped to Rebeats at 219 Prospect, Alma, Michigan, 48801. If it is not practical to ship the gear to us, you must send a complete set of detailed photographs that include the features listed below. Print this page and check each picture and notate anything that is important to be included in the appraisal. Mail to Rob at P.O. Box 6, Alma, MI 48801, or email rob@rebeats.com.

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Appraisal FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I need to document for insurance purposes that my instrument is worth what I paid for it.
An appraisal by definition is an expert opinion of the item’s value. The fact that you paid $5000.00 for a drum does not make it worth $5000.00. The job of the appraiser is to judge the amount you could reasonably expect to sell the item for in today’s marketplace.

I don’t need for you to spend all that time and effort; all I want is a ball-park price so I know about how much to sell or insure this for....
Without carefully considering the variables of the instrument’s condition and current market conditions, the “high-low” range can be very wide and I run the risk of being misquoted. I may say a drum is worth between $100 and $1500; I do not want someone saying, “Rob Cook said this drum is worth $1500.” That is a lesson learned from experience. I have been misquoted many times and now take pains to avoid it.

Isn’t there a way I can just get a quick ball-park?
Yes, of course. But not from me. Key to the definition of the word appraisal is the word “expert.” If you do not need an expert opinion there are many options for you:
1. Contact your nearest music store.
2. Review the recently completed Ebay auctions for sales of similar instruments.
3. Put the word out on the forums and/or social media sites that you need help determining value of this instrument.

Do you have to personally inspect the instrument? It would be expensive to ship it to you.
If I am not able to personally inspect the instrument, the appraisal must include language to protect my reputation in the event I was not able to see factors that affect the value. I frequently receive photos that do not “tell the whole story” of the instrument. The resultant appraisal cannot in those situations tell the whole story of the instrument’s worth. If I cannot personally inspect the instrument, it helps to make sure you supply information as listed on the checklist below.

Pictures Needed Information needed to help with the drum appraisal. (example... Replaced Original Strainer with NOS (New Old Stock)
Description, File Name, Special Note........
Butt Side  
Lugs (all)
Top hoop
Bottom hoop
Top head
Bottom head

  Internal Description, File Name, Special Note........
Strainer,Butt screws
Lug screws
  Drum Set  
All of the same photos as for snare drums, for each drum
Tom holder and all tom brackets
Floor tom legs
Cases, covers, or other included accessories.
Other information that will be useful:
-How long have you owned the instrument?
-Do you know who owned the instrument before you?
-Is there any kind of “story” that goes with the instrument? (i.e. Where it was originally purchased, how much was paid for it, etc.)
-Does the instrument have any celebrity attachment? (Was it previously owned by a celebrity?)
-Is this appraisal for insurance purposes?
-Is this appraisal going to be used to verify the value of a donation to a museum or other non-profit organization?